GotData?™ is an online backup system thats easy to use with great support service. Try it now!

Backup your Data!
Starting at 50¢ a gigabyte / month + licensing

With GotData?™ never lose your priceless files again. We backup Microsoft and Apple, Windows and Mac, servers, workstations and laptops starting at 50¢ a Gigabyte plus licensing. Canada's #1 Bilingual online backup application. Pick your language on the "Sign Up Page"

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Easy, Secure, Affordable

Our application takes minutes to setup, encrypts your data before transferring it to our servers and only costs 50¢ a gigabyte plus licensing per month. If you backup 1 Gigabyte, you will be charged 50¢ + a licensing fee each month. That's it!

  • Be set up and running in under 5 minutes
  • Bank grade encryption keeps your data safe
  • Protect all your  servers, workstations and laptops for one low monthly price

No-Nonsense Pricing

  • Pay only for what you backup!
  • One low monthly bill

Licensing – it's Easy!

  • $3.95 per workstation per month
  • $6.95 per server per month

If you install the application on a workstation (license fee of $3.95) and back up 1 Gigabytes of data (1x50¢=50¢), you will be charged $4.45 at the end of the month. If you install the application on a server (license fee of $6.95) and back up 10 Gigabytes of data (10x50¢=$5.00), you will be charged $11.95 at the end of the month.

Getting Started is Easy

  • Sign up and download our software
  • Choose which folders to protect
  • Files back up automatically. Install the FREE client software on as many computers as you like! You only pay for the storage you use!