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The GotData?™ online backup solution makes instant online backups whenever your files change.

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Online Backup Features and Benefits

Our easy to use online computer backup software continuously monitors your selected files, backing them up whenever they change.

You'll probably never notice that the online computer backup software is running. The online hard drive backup process only happens when your PC is idle. The online hard drive backup process automatically pauses when the mouse or keyboard is in use.

Don't worry if the remote online backup gets interrupted. The remote online backup process will resume later on, picking up exactly where it left off.

GotData?™ is also the most effective online backup solution of its kind for Small Businesses.

Continuous Backup

  • Your files backup automatically as you change them
  • Backup pauses while you're typing, continues when you're not
  • It never forgets to make a backup

Secure Offsite Storage

  • Your data is stored offsite in our state of the art data center
  • All data is encrypted before it leaves your PC
  • We use the strongest encryption available

Set It and Forget It

  • No files to upload
  • No tasks to remember
  • Once installed, the backup client does it all automatically

Super Efficient

  • Backs up only the data that changes
  • Backups are quick and efficient
  • It even works great with dial-up Internet

Web Access

  • Download your files from any web browser
  • Instant access from anywhere
  • Get to your work files from home, or your home files from work

Web File Sharing

  • Give people passwords to access selected files or entire folders
  • Keep everybody current by sharing files with team members
  • Email links to large attachments to people with limited inbox space

File Versioning

  • Keeps multiple versions of each file
  • Restore older versions of a file even if you have made changes
  • Restore files even if you've deleted them from your hard drive

Simple Monthly Licensing Plan

  • $3.95 per workstation
  • $6.95 per server