GotData?™ is an online backup system thats easy to use with great support service. Try it now!


GotData?™ will backup your data securely over the Internet to our servers. Never lose valuable information again.

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Affordable Price

Backup Your PC Online - Only 50¢ / GB! plus licensing!

You can install the online secure data backup software on as many PCs as you like and back up as much data as you like. You will only pay for the online data storage space you use plus a monthly licensing fee ($3.95 per workstation and $6.95 per server). If you backup 2.0GB on a workstation, you will be charged $4.95 ($3.95 workstation license PLUS $1.00 (storage fee of 2 x .50¢)

No-Nonsense Pricing Plan

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited computers
  • Only 50¢ / gigabyte

Our online backup storage system really is that simple.