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Web File & Photo Sharing

Web Access and File Sharing

Web Access to Your Online Data Backup Files

One of the most powerful features of GotData?™ is the new level of access you have to your data. You can use our Secure Web Portal to access your online data backup files remotely from any web browser.

This means you no longer need to lug your laptop home for the weekend just to work on your files. You can instead use your home computer to log into you secure GotData?™ using a web browser. Simply download your file and work from anywhere.

Web File Sharing and Folder Sharing

With the GotData?™ web based file sharing system, you also have the ability to share selected files or folders with colleagues and friends. You can mark individual files or entire folders as sharable in the Web Portal. You can then assign a unique password to each file or folder share.

Giving colleagues access to individual files does not mean they have access to the other files in your GotData?™ web file sharing system. They can only see the files you have shared with them. You can choose not to share the files at any time.

Once shared, you can email the secure web based file sharing links to others. The other person simply clicks on a Web Link in the email and logs in to download the file. Using this feature, you can easily share large file attachments with people who have very limited inbox space.

Web Photo Albums

It's easy to create a sharable web photo album. There is no need to upload your photos to separate photo sharing sites. Once they are backed up, a sharable web photo album is only a click away.