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GotData?™ will backup your data securely over the Internet to our servers. Never lose valuable information again.

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Ideal for Small Business

Small Business Features & Benefits

Multiple Users

  • You can create as many end user accounts as you wish
  • Everybody gets their own password for maximum security
  • Personal passwords keep each user's data confidential

Consolidated Billing

  • A single consolidated bill includes a break-down for all of your users
  • Individual user accounts make tracking and allocating costs easy
  • Consolidated billing makes things easy to manage

Same Low Price

  • There is no monthly minimum cost or additional fees per user
  • You pay for what you use and everybody shares the storage space
  • This is about as easy as we could make it

Volume Storage

  • Your rate plan will automatically adapt to your usage
  • No need to commit to more storage than you need
  • You pay only for the storage you use